Sung-Chih CHEN

Born 1978 in Taiwan, Sung-Chih Chen graduated from Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts, with emphasis in mixed media installation.  Previous works include mixed creations using ready-made objects.  These ready-made life materials are randomly assembled, combined, and transformed in order to present something different from the original rough and cold material quality with a delicately blended complex psychological element.  These art creations, therefore, are given warmth and poetic meanings.  In the past years, there were several participations in artist-in-residence in international studio and exchange programs in Japan, USA, Korea, Britain, Egypt, France, and Taiwan.  Previous artworks used to receive 2013 Spirit of Travel–Espace Louis Vuitton Taipei Audition- First Prize, 2012 35 Visual Artist Support Winner, The 12th Visual Arts Prize of Li Chun-shan Foundation, 2004 Taishin Arts Award – Top 7 of Visual Arts, 2008&2003 Taipei Arts Award Best-selected, and 2001 S-An Aesthetics Award – Arts Creation Support.  There have been individual exhibitions since 2001 and numerous invitations for the participation of important exhibitions in Taiwan. He currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.


Sung-Chih Chen’s past works were all based on this idea, using the language of the material itself to present the sensitive segments of the life that are often ignored. The works are mainly showcased by spatial installation, and large spatial installation works are often in the unit of the common residential space. The works also incorporate the time-sensitive social events to reveal the strong force of rupture and destruction drawn from experiences, as well as subtle collection. Sung-Chih Chen always tries his best to search for human nature in plain life, and for the remaining sense of beauty from ugly objects. This beauty comes from the destruction of natural law, from the residue after consumption, or maybe from the trace after violence…. Its abstracted marvel – memory fragments from daily lives between the form and the meaning reveals the multi contradictory relations of each individual toward the absurd reality.